GOX Web DocBroker

GOX Web DocBroker 1.5

GOX Web DocBrokerPowerful, complete and easy to use web baseddocument...

GOX Web DocBrokerPowerful, complete and easy to use web baseddocument management system (DMS). Storeany kind of digital data including word processor files, spreadsheets, images,presentations, audio, video, data tables, etc.

in a protected centralrepository, shareable with other users. As simple to use as any Internet searchengine. Benefits Organize and classify all your documents in a master catalog with associated profiles defining their properties Share documents with other people according to your own criteria about visibility and tasks that can be done Access documents from anywhere like your office, home or while traveling from any computer using simply a web browser Find quickly any document including other member documents (providing you have rights) Retrieve a list of documents, understand their nature from a simple list and quickly guess document content Easily gather together desired documents based on your own criteria Lookup any document, regardless of document class or file type Control who can publish, retrieve, edit or delete documents Notify users about your new or updated documents And much more.

FeaturesServer based application compiled in machine language for maximum performanceRuns on any MS-Windows 32 bit operating systemWorks in desktop, Local Area Networks and Intranet environments System, documents and related data can be located in one or several computersCompatible with any SQL data.